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7 Principles of Business Driven Delivery

Software development (Dev) has undergone disruptive changes in the last years – broadly defined as Agile. There have also been disruptive changes in delivery (e.g. Virtualization, Cloud, SaaS) also known as Ops. These changes were expected to empower IT to be closer to customers and deliver functionality faster and set business expectations that IT will no longer be a bottleneck: changes initiated by business leaders will be delivered to customers within weeks rather than years. This was at the peak of the agile and cloud hype curves.

That is the promise of agile, but in many cases the reality is very different. IT needs a holistic view that is focused on the true value of the end result to business and customers. This is a journey, much more than a destination. To guide us on our journey we have come up with these 7 principles:

1.Measure, manage and focus on the value to the business.
2.Integrate early, integrate often – and always have something to show the business.
3.Design by doing vs. doing by design.
4.Rigorous automated testing.
5.Repeatable, scalable, automated release processes.
6.Continuous delivery, not continuous deployment
7.Plan for exception handling, rollback/rollforward and corrective-and-preventative-operations (COPO).