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Production Assurance for Enterprise CIOs

Digitalization drives your CEO to demand radical increase in IT delivery coupled with expense reduction. Agile, virtualization and cloud accelerate business feature development. This will devastate your current IT operation because it can’t deliver at that velocity. The only way to prevent collapse is to reinvent your delivery processes to provide production assurance – a methodology enabling agile, lean and rugged enterprise application delivery.


You’ve heard a lot about the benefits of DevOps and how it enables application delivery velocity. Pundits expound on how new and emerging Unicorns like Facebook and Netflix used DevOps tools like Puppet and Chef to trounce their competitors, and that anyone not “DevOps enabled” will suffer the same fate as Blockbuster or Barnes and Nobles.

What they don’t tell you is that (unless you are a new startup with no legacy, no products and no revenue), DevOps is a journey. There is no silver bullet for morphing an existing IT application delivery organization into high velocity DevOps delivery crew. DevOps first-and-foremost requires organization, processes and metrics, all enabled by appropriate delivery architectures and supported by automation.

Many DevOps initiatives start with automation – e.g. continuous integration. Automation is an important part of DevOps and we helped create one of the leading enterprise DevOps automation tools. From our experience, the right place to start is by understanding how delivery excellence supports the business vision and strategy.

Accera has developed the Production Assurance methodology based on lean software and theory of constraints principles. Accera uses Production Assurance to provide a delivery architecture and methodology tailored to your specific business needs. We analyze your current state and implement a robust solution based on:

1.KPIs for delivery velocity and quality;

2.Organization and process change to enable a DevOps culture

3.Structured identification and elimination of delivery constraints

This custom-made delivery solution enables business digitalization by enabling your team to manage delivery like a product, not a project. Through incremental improvements to your IT operation, Production Assurance decreases risk and transforms IT into a business asset for your organization.