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A short history about Accera, Our start & Development

Accera drives software companies and products to rapid success. Seeing our customers selling more reliable software is our greatest satisfaction. The software that is free from constraints of legacy and ill structure. The software that answers real marketing needs in time and accurately. The software that makes your success.

We have management skills for any software development position

Unlike other consultants, we always work close with the team. We share our experience and knowledge through doing hands-on day to day activities and solving complex problems. Our vast experience comes from working with many enterprise software startup, most of them were acquired and integrated into larger companies. ​ Over the years we have gained extensive knowledge and strong technical skills with proven track-record of success. We work as architects and hands-on software developers. We do that by making team’s ability to execute stronger and faster. Technology and architecture both play very important part in product success, especially at the time when customers use product frequently and analysts watch it. ​ The importance of many architecture attributes like scalability, reliability and others rises up at this period of product's lifetime. They are crucial to the company success. Without the right kind of discipline, Agile and Lean methodologies causes to loss of control on software structure and to higher cost of product maintenance. ​​

During years we developed SOAP™ methodology. While the original methods are slow and consume many resources, our methodology is fast and economic.

​ SOAP™ is based on 5 stages of software product architecture evolution, from initial to optimised architecture.

SOAP™ takes advantage of works from Dijkstra, Liskov and others.

SOAP™ relies on real market needs and combines many methods of software architecture analysis and development - ATAM, CBAM, Domain Model and Use Case approaches.

SOAP™ methodology integrates software development and constant architecture analysis.

The Team

Anatoly is CEO of Accera – Anatoly’s DevOps journey started at Conduct, passive network monitoring which was acquired and incorporated into Mercury’s business availability center. After Mercury Anatoly joined VMWare’s Application Performance Manager suite and later vCenter Operations Management Suite. Nolio, the leader in application release automation (acquired by CA), leveraged Anatoly’s architectural leadership for their next generation solution. Today Anatoly is leading DevOps transitions at major international enterprises. Dr. Coman received his Ph.D. from the Peter Drucker management center in California. He headed the Technion’s IT program in the Industrial Engineering department. Prof. Coman is a leading researcher in the Theory of Constraints (TOC). He developed the ARENA model for value creation and has applied it to a broad range of leading enterprises including IBM, AT&T, and Intel. Dr. Ukelson received his doctorate from the Technion in Computer Science after which he joined IBM’s TJ Watson Research center where he became a Department manager leading 120 researchers. After that Dr. Ukelson joined IBM EMEA venture capital relations as CTO and founded IBM’s global technology unit. Jacob left IBM to become CTO of Itemfield (now Informatica), VP products at Dapper (now Yahoo) and VP Product strategy at Nolio (now CA) – the leader in application release operations.